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Lesson 1: How The "Salsa Bachata Class Learning Accelerator" Works

Lesson 1: How The "Salsa Bachata Class Learning Accelerator" Works

The video below is part of a paid program on one of our sister sites. We're giving it away for free here at Movers and Shakers.

This "Local Class Learning Accelerator" series is about learning how to learn.

The series will teach you to squeeze the absolute most benefit from your salsa and bachata classes.

The series is meant to be completed in order, so start from Lesson 1.

Audio Transcript: Below is the audio transcript of this lesson. Headers have been added.

Maximizing Your Learning Potential in Local Dance Classes

So we're going to learn how to learn in the context of local dance classes. Congrats on enrolling in this program. That was a really good decision and you're going to save a lot of time and a lot of money moving forward and when I say that, what I mean is that a lot of people are going to their local classes, which is great.

They go for weeks, months, and years though, and they end up making the same mistakes again and again and they're going to these classes and they're not getting as much out of them as they should be.

Common Traps in Dance Class Learning

I have been guilty of this myself so many times as well. What happens is we're in class and maybe we're just not getting that much of the material into our muscle memory, or we do in that moment but then we don't retain it after class. Then there's always this eagerness to go to the next class and learn the next new thing because it feels exciting and it feels like you're making progress, but the reality, if you look at it honestly, is oftentimes that's not the case.

Don't mistake movement for achievement, right? So just because you're going to class, that's good, but it doesn't mean that you're getting all out of all the things out of class that you could be and that you should be.

So a lot of this comes down to the strategies of what we're doing as students while in the class. It comes down to the strategies in class and then what we're doing between classes also and there's all these little tricks that can help you learn and get the material in your muscle memory so much better during classes.

Some of these are gonna sound obvious once you hear them and some of them are gonna sound totally new. Some of these you may already be doing and some of these you definitely are not doing yet.

Building Effective Learning Habits

So the way this is gonna work, it's all about habit building. You're gonna get a new mission piece by piece, one by one, and every time you get a mission, I want you to go out and actually implement this and do this during your next classes, alright? That's gonna be way more effective for you in the long term than just having you give everything all at once, like: Here's a whole bunch of things to do, now go do all this. It just doesn't work that way.

Every time you get a new mission, please actually execute it and go do it. Then eventually you're gonna start doing it subconsciously in class and you're gonna see little by little, you're gonna start absorbing a lot more of the material from every single class that you go to and retain it and be way more strategic in your learning.

That's how it's gonna save you a whole bunch of time in the future, cut a lot of time off your learning curve, and save you a lot of money in local classes in the future as well, just by being more strategic. So I hope you guys enjoy this course. I'm sure you will. I'm very much looking forward to doing this with you guys. 

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