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Uploading videos on Vimeo to embed them on a webpage

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

We sometimes embed videos to our website that is intended to be viewed only by a specific audience. We may not want Google to crawl this video page, or we may not want other audience set (or the public) to access this page so what we do is modify the video settings before embedding it anywhere.

Below are the steps to upload embeddable videos on Vimeo and hide the link from search results.

  1. Upload the videos to the correct folder in Vimeo. Create filing/labeling system that is crystal clear for anyone who has no idea what they’re looking at. For example, for the videos we create so Google may feature us in the People Ask section, create a folder labeled “ ‘People Also Ask’ - MaS Blog” and all the videos there will be titled with name of blog “Salsa or Bachata, Which is Easier to Learn - Blog 1 - Sept 2023.”

  2. After uploading the videos, wait for transcoding to finish.

  3. Once transcoded, click the video thumbnail and configure the "Privacy" settings.

  4. Disable sharing permission (should not be downloadable and should not be addable to "Showcase". Make sure changes are saved.

  5. Also, select "Hide from Vimeo". Make sure changes are saved.

  6. Next, let's configure the "Interactivity" settings. Select "End Screen" and choose "Empty". Make sure changes are saved.

  7. Then select the "Player" settings.

  8. Choose "Controls Only" in the preset options. Make sure changes are saved.

  9. Go to "Comments" settings and disable commenting. Make sure changes are saved.

  10. If the video already has caption on it, go to "Closed Captions" settings and disable auto-generated English captions/subtitles. Make sure changes are saved.

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