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Salsa or Bachata, Which is Easier to Learn?

Updated: Nov 2

Transcript of Audio (edited for clarity):

"The short answer is, definitely, bachata is easier to learn. However, if somebody asks me, which they should learn first - salsa or bachata - I always tell them:

"Learn first whichever one inspires you the most right now."

Even if salsa in some ways may be more challenging, a hundred percent, you can still learn it.

The great thing about these dances is that both of them are Latin partnering dances with a lot of similarities. So a lot of the skills that you learn in one will carry over and help you with the other if you eventually decide to learn both.

Difference between Salsa and Bachata


One reason, or some of the reasons, that Bachata is easier to learn is the music tends to be slower. The music is more simple. So it's actually easier to hear the "one" in the music - to hear the counts and stay on beat.

Bachata also is sometimes closer to the partner than salsa, so it can be danced in a more sensual or sexy way.


Salsa is faster - it's more energetic. It's more spinning for the follows. For the ladies, salsa is a bit more technical from the beginning.

The music is very sophisticated, very complicated. Even for myself, I had grown up playing instruments for about eight years, but later in life, when I started dancing salsa in college, it took me about six months to hear the "one" in the music because it's complicated music and there's no single instrument that you can listen for and depend on to find the "one" in the music.

Although if salsa is what inspires you, then a hundred percent that is what you should learn first.

Do whichever style you feel the most drawn to!"

Bachata Classes in Los Angeles

This audio was recorded by Danny Kalman, the creator and director of Movers and Shakers Salsa and Bachata Dance Academy in Los Angeles, California.

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