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Managing our YouTube Video Library

Updated: Sep 6

When students ask us for recap videos, we no longer want to send them the videos manually in Whatsapp. So we'll make a playlist for them instead. The operations support specialist will keep every recap video in one safe place.

  1. Login to YouTube using your mas email (ask Louise to invite you to access YT channel, then check email to accept)

  2. Create a private playlist for each programs that we have in MaS.

  3. After you joined our Whatsapp groups, gather the Weeks 1-n recap videos and name them: Week 1. Week 2. Week 3. And so on.

  4. Make sure that each week somebody uploads the recap video. You can ask “Can somebody please upload the video from yesterday/last week?”

  5. Continue downloading the videos and uploading them to our Youtube playlist.

  6. You'll do this every time a class finishes.


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