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Creating announcement messages and sending them in Whatsapp

Updated: Sep 6

Student support specialist to refer to this article when creating a message with "Call to action" on Whatsapp.

When do we add a sense of urgency in our messages?


We changed the day of Bachata 102 program from Thursday to Tuesday. We've got 5+ people who already paid for the Thursday program. And Danny wants to inform the eligible students for bachata 103 that we made some changes in the date.

Our student support specialist was instructed to send a message in Whatsapp groups about this update. Here's what was shared to the groups:


Schedule for the next Bachata 103b Thursdays has been updated!

❣ Now starting 8/29

Here's the link to register:



We want to be sure to only message students things that are relevant to the students. For many of these students (like bachata 101 groups), it's not relevant to them. Also this title "❗️ IMPORTANT UPDATE ❗️" makes me think that it's something really serious. It's not that serious though (unless the student was already enrolled and they absolutely need to know that their date/day changed).

This dilutes our messages so that when we have something that is more important, students won't trust us that it's important and will be more likely to ignore it. Also, it's significant that the day changed from Thursday to Tuesday, which should be included in messages like this.


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