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Asking for feedback through email and Whatsapp

Updated: 4 days ago

Student evaluations can be collected quickly, and regularly, giving our instructors the opportunities to make real-time adjustments to their teaching. Instructors may actually learn about their students from feedback questionnaires, too.

We also want to create a culture of feedback, to make our students feel that we care about their point of view. This is why we ask for feedback from our students.

The student support specialist to send a reminder to the instructor before week 4 of their program:

<Please send this image first, then send the text below>

Hi {instructor}!

By the end of class tomorrow, can you please show this image of a QR code to students?

It's our feedback form. This will help us to always be better and better to retain students and have more programs available for you to teach :)

Thank you so much!


Morning after week 4 of class, we send the following in Whatsapp and email.

  1. Email Content (send from support@mas): Hi {studentName} {Instructor} encourages you to give her class a feedback. If you'll complete this form, it will help us to always improve for you! Feedback form: Thank you so much! Movers and Shakers Team

  2. Whatsapp Message: Hey everyone! We're always looking for ways to improve for you! If you're up to completing this short feedback form, we'd sure be grateful! 🙏 Thank you so much! 💃🕺


Morning after week 5 of class, send the following on Whatsapp to students who haven't given feedback yet.

Hi {studentName}, this is {vaName} with Movers and Shakers. Hope you're doing well! :)

Last week, I asked our Whatsapp group to give a quick feedback on {Bachata 101 Tuesdays} program through a feedback form. This helps us improve tremendously for you!

Your classmates have already submitted their answers and we're excited to hear from you as well.

May I send you the link to the feedback form? (Will only take you 3 minutes to complete it)


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