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Looking for Bachata and Salsa Classes in Pacific Palisades?

Our salsa and bachata programs follow a 10-week structured, progressive, and comprehensive curriculum where you'll be guided through each step, transitioning from a complete beginner to a confident dancer. You'll receive continuous support throughout the journey! Take the first step towards confidence by enrolling now and dancing with us.

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Join over 2,000 happy students from Pacific Palisades and other nearby areas!

Top-notch instructors

Our experienced Latin dance instructors will skillfully guide you through our thoughtfully crafted curriculum.

Structured curriculum

Whether you're new to bachata or salsa dancing in Los Angeles, we have programs tailored to your skill level.

Solid dance community

Being part of our academy means joining a supportive and inclusive community.

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New to Pacific Palisades?

Join us, and together, let's bring your dance dreams to life! If you're in Pacific Palisades and want to explore bachata and salsa dancing in Los Angeles, join us! You'll feel right at home from day one!


Call 844-543-7645 or Email Us!

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